Mobotix Cameras and Commercial Settings

Whether your business has one building or a campus, wouldn’t it be nice to keep track of everything at once? Yes, you can put a bunch of cameras up and a monitor that has each camera’s live image. But what if you could get the “real” picture of what is happening? No more screening through each picture and determining what each camera is looking at. Mobotix’s free MxMultiViewer software allows you to do that! And yes, we did say free and no it won’t be in German.

Mobotix Control Center

Spichers does this?

Home security? Commercial alarm systems? Home automation?

Spichers does this??? Yes

Spichers has been around for almost 60 years in the technology world. We adapt to the changing technology and to what our customers want. What they want is security from a name they trust. Spichers has built its reputation through quality service, something you can always trust from Spichers!