Security Systems

Discover the many benefits of home and commercial security systems at Spichers Security.

We provide installation, maintenance, and monitoring services for home surveillance and commercial security, bundling award-winning customer service with unbeatable products and customer support. Spichers Security—the Hagerstown area’s trusted name in security services.

Security Systems reduce the risk of criminal activity within the premises of your property.

Typical security systems include alarms, sensors, keypads and control panels coupled with a connection to a monitoring and surveillance company. Security sensors are often installed at home entry points including doors and windows. These sensors send out signals triggering alarms or sirens when a monitored entry point is breached. There are several  different types of sensors utilized in surveillance systems, the most common being motion sensors.  Glass break sensors are also often implemented to detect breakage of glass doors and windows.

Alarm, security and surveillance systems offer numerous benefits to home and property owners.

Not only do these systems enhance the safety and security within your home–they also help raise your property’s value, making them a wise investment. Most people think a security system is an unnecessary expense until they find themselves the victimized by a burglary or other criminal activity.

Spichers Security can help you prevent these types of unfortunate events providing  state of the art security and surveillance systems to effectively monitor your home,  alerting  you when a security breach occurs.

In addition to criminal intrusions, security systems can also detect fires, gas leaks, and similar types of hazards, enabling you to protect your property loved ones from danger.

When choosing  a security system for your home, look for performance, excellent customer service, and high quality monitoring and surveillance equipment to feel confident your home and loved ones are well protected. Never compromise price over quality.  You deserve a security service provider that offers reasonable prices, quality equipment combined with a sense of security.