Intrusion & Fire Protection

Simon XTi 3-1-1 Bundle

Spichers Security provides intrusion alarm systems crafted and customized to protect your family and home.

We offer only the highest quality systems available focusing on reliability, ease of use and affordability. We never subcontract your installation, which means only Spichers Security trained technicians will install your intrusion alarm system.

Once in place, your alarm system is able to detect any suspicious activity, 24/7, sending a trouble signal to our monitoring station. When received, our professional responders will immediately verify the condition of your trouble signal by contacting you directly. Once reached, and a proper emergency is established, your monitoring technician will expedite the arrival of the proper authorities; local police, fire department or emergency services.

You can rest assured, even when you’re not at home, your property is consistently monitored and protected by your intrusion alarm system and Spichers Security.

Additionally, we utilize the most advanced wireless intrusion alarm systems, producing a much cleaner, less cumbersome look to your installation. The ability to eliminate physical wiring from your system enables a more self-contained, stylish look to your service panel, entrance doors and windows. As an added benefit, wireless technology also provides the capability to control your intrusion alarm remotely!

Spichers Security is proud to offer intrusion alarm systems and panels form Interlogix Simon XTi, the industry leader in wireless protection systems. When integrated with apps from, you can control your system across the globe via the Internet or even your mobile phone.

To learn more about and Interlogix Simon XTi please click the corresponding link below.

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