Video Surveillance

Camera Bundle AdIn today’s world, video surveillance service has become increasingly more necessary in order to protect all aspects of your business.

The installation of video surveillance equipment is able to help ensure your business assets, property and employees are kept safe from a variety of preventable incidents.

According to a US Department of Justice Crime Data Brief , nearly 1 million individuals become a victim of crime while at work each year. Businesses that have surveillance service equipment installed are much less likely to be included in these numbers based on the simple fact that they are protected by video documentation.

Why Do You Need Video Surveillance?

With video surveillance equipment installed, business owners are also very likely to experience a decrease in interior problems such as employee theft. In years past, the use of decoy cameras was enough to keep employees relatively honest; however this strategy is no longer effective. Spichers offers video surveillance systems capable of not only recording everything that transpires at your business, you are also able to remotely pull up footage in real-time. Imagine the security you will experience knowing you can be off site, yet still be informed via video surveillance as to what is happening at your business. Additionally, these systems are able to back up historical footage on your computer’s hard drive, permitting you to investigate past incidents with the click of a mouse.

As a business owner, you may have experienced significant loss, due to property damage, customer or employee theft and fraudulent insurance claims. In the past, with no evidence to help you make a tough decision, you likely felt forced to error on the side of caution, not wanting to open yourself up to litigation with limited verifiable proof of misdeeds. That has all changed as video surveillance systems have become more common.

The Highest Quality Video Surveillance Systems

Spichers offers only the highest quality names in video surveillance including Interlogix TruVision and MOBOTIX. These video surveillance services are able to keep their eyes on your business when you aren’t physically available. Our technology permits you to enjoy personal time with family and friends, knowing your assets are being closely guarded.

Spichers Security Services is here to help you find the perfect video surveillance system to protect your business. To learn more about Interlogix TruVision, MOBOTIX or if you need help with installation of existing security cameras, click on the corresponding links below or call us today. Start protecting your business today.

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