Access Control

Have you ever wished you had installed an access control system at your business, but felt the cost was too prohibitive?

Spichers Security offers a wide variety of affordable programs and hardware tailored to your specific needs.

The majority of today’s businesses are converting their offices, factories and warehouses from antiquated metal keys to new, state-of-the-art access control systems. Utilizing the latest in technological advances, access control systems ensure the integrity, security and quality of daily work, enabling focus to be placed on operations rather than concerns regarding who has access to sensitive areas.

When compared to traditional methods of controlling physical admittance, modern access control systems provide several benefits, providing affordable protection unavailable until recently.

How Can Installing An Access Control System Save My Business Money?

  • It can become a costly endeavor when employees are terminated, resign or retire, requiring the expensive services of a locksmith. Depending on your business, safe combinations may need changed; several new keys manufactured and possibly new hardware could be required.  Installing an access control system empowers you to quickly, simply and affordably recode your locks securely onsite.
  • No longer will you need to be concerned about what employees have access to delicate areas of your facility or office.  Implementing an access control system empowers you to determine who is authorized or restricted from specific rooms.  This feature offers the potential for a staggering decrease in inventory concerns while enabling trusted employees to perform their work more efficiently.
  • When networked directly into your company’s intranet, reports can be generated to create a record of not only who has accessed every area of your business, but also at what time. This tool is vital when attempting to isolate problems that may have occurred, producing a physical paper trail leading up to the event.

The advanced capabilities available with the installation of an access control system will protect your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Spichers Security highly recommends solutions available from Interlogix TruPortal, the industry leader in access solutions.

To learn more about their products and how Spichers Security can help your business become more efficient and safe, click here.

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